Valéria Midena








An architect by education, a designer by choice and an aesthete by devotion, throughout my life I’ve been traveling paths that, even seeming diverse, to my eyes are strongly convergent.

As a child, the importance of literature was a family value ingrained both in my mind and in my heart. The discovery of words as a source of pleasure – be they heard, spoken, written or read – was crucial and transforming so that reading and writing never left my life.

Fifteen years of studying piano and musical disciplines under the guidance of professionals like Naomi Munakata and Paulo Bérgamo have fine-tuned my sensibility and my ears, making music an intrinsic part of my everyday life and turning my constant curiosity into a wide and eclectic repertoire.

In the mid-80s, as I was modeling on the most prestigious catwalks in the country and working under the direction of professionals such as Regina Guerreiro, Patrizia Ramalho and Carlos Pazetto, I began to grow interest in fashion design, in the possibilities of dressing and creating style, as well as in the body – its health, design and movement contours – as part of an understanding that the union of all these elements transforms personal image into a unique visual identity.

My passion for architecture and the visual and decorative arts led me to obtain my academic degree from FAUUSP, to explore countless museums and galleries around the world and to take the most varied courses – from free drawing lessons with Paulo Von Poser to lectures with Javier Mariscal and workshops with José Ernesto Bologna, having also explored serigraphy, glass design, 20th century history and history of arts and fashion.

Finally, over 20 years in design, creating concepts, branding, furniture, objects and accessories have trained my eyes, deepened my analytical and reflective capacity and made the observation of the world around me become nearly a vital need – and, without a doubt, an enormous source of pleasure.

AboutEverythingElse is a result of a quest for knowledge and self-knowledge which has always had aesthetics as a conducting wire. Believing that the pleasures of the soul come from all things – be they sounds, images, forms, attitudes, feelings or relationships – I intend to discuss and investigate these sources. And, by sharing my findings in this sense, I seek to broaden and deepen our pleasures – mine, yours and everyone else’s.