Paint or dye, but love me


Paint or dye but love me is the title of this beautiful conceptual project developed in 2008 by John Nouanesing, a young product designer who lives in France. Contrary to what one might imagine, the visual tension created by shapes that seem to be in constant ‘suspension’, and by the vibration of a very intense red, makes it a great pleasure to observe this artwork.


John Nouanesing seems to always have the same three guiding principles in his creative process: observation, innovation and irreverence. It is curious to see how each of his conceptual projects is able to tell us a story, making us see clearly the conceptual path traveled, from the very first insight to the final result.


These results are not always so beautiful – and not always effectively achievable. But it’s always a delight to see these objects and the entertaining titles assigned to them by John Nouanesing.


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