Contemporary aphorisms

Mira Schendel :: sem título :: 1964













Being is not having.

A purse is no trophy.

Shoes are not a pedestal.

A movie theater is not an amusement park, and the restaurant table is not a tribune.

Aesthetic intervention is not a matter of public interest.

A company badge is not a medal for merit.

The concepts of ‘exhibition’ and ‘elegance’ are mutually exclusive when applied to people.

You can convert identity into image. The opposite, however, is not possible.

Every personal consultant you hire represents a confessed incompetence.

Neckline and skirt (or dress) length increases in direct proportion. Alcohol level and adequacy, however, in reverse proportion.

Swear words mean lack of vocabulary.

You have to be beautiful to be a model, but you don’t have to be a model to be beautiful.

The use of kindness and courtesy is not proportionality related to the socioeconomic status of the listener.


And yet in time:

Elegance: n. ‘distinction of size, manners, garb’. XVI. From latin. elegantia –æ: refinement, good taste, cleanliness, beauty of form.

Elegant: adj. ‘beautiful in forms, care in dress, educated, polite’. XVI. From latin. elegans –antis: one who knows how to pick, well chosen, distinct, neat, convenient, honored.

Distinction: n. ‘discrimination, separation, difference’: discrimen, -inis, separatio, distinctio, discretio. XVI. From latin. distinctio –onis.